Badman Reviews Ep 1
Badman Reviews Ep 2

Badman and co-host Justin talk about Monster Hunter, the destiny beta, and Friday the 13th

Badman and co-host Justin talk about games they played this week and Destiny 2

Badman Reviews Ep 3

Hosts Joe and Justin are joined by Gabby Bleyendaal, proud owner of her new board game bistro and bar, "Wizards of Walkerville".

Badman Reviews Ep 4

Badman and just take a look at the brand new mario Odysseus and make fun of Justin's ability to jump properly.

Badman Reviews Ep 5

Badman and Clyde continue on the quest through Mario Odyssey.
Clyde learns a few exciting new things!

Badman Reviews Ep 6

Badman - Badman and Clyde take one finally sit down with mario odyssey for now, we almost kill mario, enjoy some desert sand and you guessed it find some stars.

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