Kat & Gabby Ep 1

Hosts Kat & Gabby introduce the show, Whats your beef? segment, gr 8 Muskoka woods trip, fall fashion, body changes in your 40's, recipe shares...tried and tested, quote of the day, dumbass criminal of the week. 

Kat & Gabby Ep 2

Join Kat & Gabby this week as they discuss Breast Cancer Awareness, tips for a better sleep & how to avoid holiday party anxiety. Speaking of anxiety, don't miss Gabby's fun segment about bad local drivers who "drive" everyone crazy 😉. What to do with all the turkey leftovers? Tune in to the Kat & Gabby Show to learn more! As with every show, catch their product reviews, recipes and quotes of the week, and don't forget...."What's your Beef?" ... what has possibly rubbed these marvelous ladies the wrong way? 
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Episode #3 of The Kat & Gabby Show, the girls discuss:

- local city workers vs high school students' accessibility to bus passes...is it fair? Kat & Gabby share why they give it two thumbs down! 👎👎
-tips to help your kids clean their rooms...a challenge for many parents
-how to get teens to open up more often to their parents
-are you the oldest, middle child, or baby sibling? How your place affects behaviours
-are you a constant "People Pleaser"? Do you always feel obligated to put others' needs before your own? Listen for helpful tips to reverse this stressful trend 
-have some fun with our "What Mom says vs What Mom really means"
-And as always, Kat & Gabby discuss their weekly "What's your Beef?", Product of the Week, Recipe of the Week, & Quote of the Week! 

Kat & Gabby Ep 3
Kat & Gabby Ep 4

Join Kat and Gabby as they dedicate today's podcast to prostate cancer awareness and "November Movember". Also, as always the girls will discuss their "beef", share their product, quote, and recipes of the week, and give tribute to our beloved veterans on this Remembrance Day. 

Kat & Gabby Ep 5

Join Kat & Gabby as they talk about holiday traditions, holiday debt, Gabby's crazy volunteer gift wrapping excursion, favourite gifts, and much more! What drove the girls crazy during holiday shopping? Tune in to find out!  As with all shows; recipe, product, and quotes of the week are included. Tune in for some fun and laughter!

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