Live your Purpose   Ep 1

I interview Claudia Renkwitz, we discuss her new functional fitness studio in Windsor, called Universal Fitness. It is a first of its kind in North America. Not only does the fitness club help those with fitness issues but also helps with functional fitness for those with a need such as MS, Parkinsons, Brain Injury, stroke, and other issues or injuries. Those looking for prehab or rehab. This unique fitness studio will definitely be a positive for Windsor-Essex. 

Live your Purpose   Ep 2

This week we interview Richard Vennettilli and talk about hi's charities around windsor and his climb up mount kilimanjaro!

Live your Purpose   Ep 3

Today on Live your purpose we talk with Yvonne Pilon about her contribution to the Tech industry.

Live your Purpose   Ep 4

Today on Live your Purpose we have a guest from raykey massage therapist to talk to us all about massage therapy. 

Live your Purpose   Ep 5
Live your Purpose   Ep 6

Welcome to another episode of live your purpose! Today we have the on purpose lady talking about her life and all she has accomplished. 

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