Mental Health Matters Ep 1

Host Jenny Lee Introduces her new show

Mental Health Matters Ep 2

Episode 2 of mental health matters is all about the holiday season. 
The holiday season can bring mixed emotions for many. For some, it’s their favorite time of year. For others, it brings feelings of stress, sadness and loss. 
In this episode Jenny-Lee Almeida & guest Sonia McMahon-Comartin, a bereavement specialist from CMHAWECB will be reviewing 5 practical tips in preparation for the holiday season to reduce stress & discuss some great and useful tips on how individuals can handle their grief during the holidays.

Mental Health Matters Ep 3

Episode 3 Mental Health Matters; In this episode Jenny-Lee Almeida & guest Patty Heath therapist at CMHAWECB in the Counseling & treatment program will be answering your questions in regards to therapy! They will be shedding some light on the therapy process, what CBT is and when is the right time to start therapy when experiencing mild to moderate symptoms related to anxiety and depression. 

Episode 4 - Today we have two great guests from BANA to talk about social media and it's effects on mental health.

Mental Health Matters Ep 4

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