Driving down a dark and empty highway , is a man named Larry, who is trying to get back to his loving family after time away from home. It seems like an ordinary drive until it occurs to Larry that he may not be alone...that he’s being followed by something just beyond the veil of darkness. It could simply be another driver trying to find their way home or something much worse, a being with sinister intentions...


Written by Eric Branget and featuring the voice talents of Carla Francesca, Lauren Fields, Sam Bourque and Michael Krym the first Night Terrors tale will surly leave you on the edge of your seat and keep you guessing until the very end! Come and listen...if you dare!


Two loving caring parents, Cynthia and Daniel, are faced with the threat of losing their only child. Together they must decided just how much they are willing to sacrifice to save the life of their little girl... though it could mean giving up their very souls. Sit back, relax, and try to enjoy yourself as the Humble Host brings you the second thrilling and ghoulish tale of Night Terrors.
Written by - Michael J. Krym
Featuring the Voice Talents of - Carla Francesca, Michael J. Krym, and Lauren Fields
Directed by - Eric Branget


Shelter - by Michael J. Krim

Food is running low, there are a few droplets of water remaining, and no way to track time. The lone remaining comfort, abuzzing rattle from the fading generator. 

Three survivors struggle to maintain their sanity in the safety of a bunker, with no way of telling whether the world they left behind is gone, or whether it has all been one bad dream. 

How much longer can they last before the horrors waiting outside slip through the heavy metal doors holding them at bay?

Featuring the voice talents of 

Sean Williams
Eva Flores
Michael J. Krim

Part 1

Night Terrors wishing you all a horrific holiday season and a terrifying New Year. When a group of friends gathers together to break all the holiday traditions a mysterious caller stalks the group and haunts their evening. Listen as this dinner party spirals out of control as the guests fight to discover the identity of the incediuous caller.

Have a merry Christmas!! 

Part 2

Welcome back to Part 2 of Night Terror's Horrific Holiday Scaretacular. Join our group of holiday party goers as they search the house to find the mysterious caller and discover their true identity. As they search the house the group quickly discovers the threat may be coming from within. This episode is sure to kick your New Year off to a terrifying start. Come and listen... if you dare.

Directed and Written by - Eric Branget

Featuring the vocal talents of:

Miranda DiPietro
Kyle Aurthur Kimmerly 
Alley Biniarz
Dane Fader
Fay Lynn
Michael J. Krym
Julius Cho
Eric Branget


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