The Man Who Saved The World
In the comics and movies, the Avengers are heroes who save the world from destruction. Many wish we had such heroes in real life. The fact is, we did at a crucial moment in modern history. Stanislav Petrov saved the world in 1983, using a little bit of common sense and aged technology. Find out how it happened in the Rabbit Hole, here on WEpodcast.

The Rabbit Hole Ep 1
The Rabbit Hole Ep 2

Corporate Welfare
Canada’s federal government conducts a corporate welfare system not many Canadians are aware of. While many people deride social welfare, given to the nation’s poor, much can be said about how that contrasts with the billions given away to big corporations. How much money is involved? The answer to that is in the Rabbit Hole, here on Wepodcast.


The Rabbit Hole Ep 3

Host Bob talks Marijuana Legalization

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