Too Tough To Die - EP1

Tony Introduces himself and outlines his show content

Too Tough To Die - EP2

Tony talks CRA, Space,MTO, Car colours

Too Tough To Die - EP3

You probably dont know what you are eating or to whom you give your grocery dollars. Things may enlighten or shock you.

Too Tough To Die - EP4

Fake news is all around us. Learn what it is and what isn't racism. If you hate utility bills, listen up. This and more -- like globalists, not so hidden agendas and Merry Christmas. Our premier is a douchebag?

Too Tough To Die - EP5

You will probably be astonished, gasp, and/or laugh uproariously when you realize just what is around us. So, just who names these dirty, X-rated places? I want to know.

Too Tough To Die - EP6

 The Clinton Body Count. Think we're safe? Think YOU are safe? THINK AGAIN!

Too Tough To Die - EP7

Je me screwviens, Christian persecution is real; pinhole glasses, and words aren't bad -- people are. And did Tony just ejaculate on air?

Too Tough To Die - EP8

Ep. 8:  A bad infomercial; excerpts from Tony's book -- yes you can buy one but he won't sign it; Tony exposes gov't lies; the EI scam; cheating politicians; Unions - uh oh; 

Too Tough To Die - EP9

Part 1: Censorship! Quelling free speech; MSM is #Fakenews; Masturbators, Scrabble & alphabet soup; the PM is an Asshat; and "Racism 100: Don't Fall For It".

Too Tough To Die - EP10

#10 = Part 2: What makes Tony pound the table; JFK was murdered; Lottery will be taxed - you heard it here 1st; "Racism 101: Go Fuck Yourself"; and Trudeau is still an asshat.

Too Tough To Die - EP11

Big Business scams exposed [customs, ink, USED cars, and pro sports]; a BS Tax; price gouging; and Like your NHL? I don't.

Too Tough To Die - EP12

12 =  The Panama Papers were only a precursor to the Paradise Papers -- wanna know who's hiding money? and are you enraged or supporting them; portmanteaus, oxymorons, and also valuable tax tips.

Too Tough To Die - EP13

Episode 13 -- Justine Turdo is an asshole douchebag. My Charter Rights. And listen carefully -- the LIBERAL CRIMINAL government is committing treason, trying to turn Canada into Canadastan or Kanuckistan, M103 will bring Sharia Law to Canada -- WAKE UP WOMEN !! Hey men, protect our women!


Too Tough To Die - EP14

Episode 14 - Justine Turdo is an asshole douchebag Part 2!

Too Tough To Die - EP15

Episode 15 -  Today Tony takes time out of his day to talk about foundations and what geo-engineering is.

Too Tough To Die - EP16

Episode 16 -  You should be paying more attention to Canadians laws! why? because they are trying to bring radical Islam laws here to our homes!

Too Tough To Die - EP17

Episode 17 -  Today we talk about why it's a dumb idea to go backpack hiking in Iraq with your girlfriend for a vacation!

Too Tough To Die - EP18

Episode 17 -  It's time to talk about how white men are being put down as horrible humans by the rest of society.

Too Tough To Die - EP19

Too Tough To Die - EP20

Too Tough To Die - EP21

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