WE Talk Fitness ep 1

Listen to Luis Mendez President & CEO of True Fitness Inc. in his 1st episode of WE Talk Fitness. Luis is joined in this episode by his Assistant Manager Marc Gaudette.  In this episode Luis introduces what his podcasts will cover in the health and fitness industry and what he hopes to give to all the listeners. The main topic of this podcast will be about how to properly set goals for yourself using the S.M.A.R.T acronym.   Take a listen, apply this to any goal you have and watch your goals hit another level!

WE Talk Fitness ep 2

Luis President & CEO of True Fitness Inc. is back to talk about personal trainers. Find out what steps you need to take before hiring a trainer, what qualifications to look for, what questions to ask? Follow these tips and you will have yourself a trainer who is qualified to give you all the tools to succeed! 

WE Talk Fitness ep 3

Episode 3 
In today's episode Luis is joined by Lisa Kudrey Personal Trainer at True Fitness and longtime physique competitor. 
They discuss the world of bodybuilding/physique competitions, what's trending in this sub-culture, the pros & cons along many more 
things pertaining to this fascinating area of fitness!

WE Talk Fitness ep 4

This episode was about new year's resolutions.

'Have you made any new year's resolutions this year? Listen as Luis Mendez and Wayne Bridge discuss key action items to be successful with these resolutions! Learn great tips on how to set goals properly, what you can do in terms of your training and how to remain patient throughout this journey.'

WE Talk Fitness ep 5

Luis breaks down Small Group Training a form of training that is very popular at most facilities these days. He goes on to explain what small group training is? What the benefits are? What to expect? And more!

WE Talk Fitness ep 6

Luis is back again talking about a buzz worthy topic in fitness today. Intermittent fasting, heard of it? Not sure what it means or if it's good for you? Luis has you covered in this informative podcast. 

WE Talk Fitness ep 7

Luis Talks about the risks and benifits of fasting to lose weight this week on We Talk Fitness.

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